I'll follow you,
into the dark


Thank you ♥

Talk to me.
here's an opportunity. that you don't wanna miss.


Baby, you got me
and ain't nowhere that I'd bee

They call me bee. LIL-BEE. And I've been known to go on a word-vomit rampage around my town, now and again, over random things. Obviously.

Welcome to the man
that wanted everything,

Now that we've gotten acquainted with each other, let me welcome you to Random Town.
Come visit at your own risk ;)

I don't know why I instigate
and say what I don't mean

As I began to write this, I envisaged a piece of literary brilliance, neutrally balanced and not biased from any antisocial moods I sometimes suffer from. While I hoped for the best, I was realistic enough to know that this was extremely unlikely to happen without it sounding like I had a pole up my arse. And so there, I ruined it, just like that.

Enjoy your stay!

You may be a sinner,
but your innocence is mine

I am lost about what needs to be written to entice you, and trick you into reading further. I am also at war on whether this is a moral thing to do, fabricate myself for more FFs (fierce followers). But then I realize that really, I’m not a very moral person and so this should not concern me.

But to be perfectly honest, in line with this anonymousity (and yes I am aware that is not a word but I tend to do that so bear with me) thing that I have going on, it would probably be best to not say anything and thus in conclusion I am closing this by saying, I am utterly shiz at updating so if for some reason you are hooked on my verbal diarrhoea I’m afraid you will be waiting for a long time for a hit, because I suffer from long periods of constipation (the verbal kind, my biological bowel system is thankfully at tip top condition, mostly).

Out on your corner
in the pouring rain.

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Tue, Oct. 01, 2013

untitled by Capt. Truffles on Flickr.

untitled by Capt. Truffles on Flickr.

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